what is a digital marketing consultant

What is a Digital Marketing Consultant?

Don’t worry; we’re not telling you how to run your business. We’re just simply opening your eyes to what is a digital marketing consultant. And the benefits of bringing in an expert to support your business.


What is a Digital Marketing Consultant?

A digital marketing consultant is an experienced marketer often specialising in digital strategy such as SEO and PPC. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience, likely through employment, training and client retention.

A digital marketing consultant will act as an extension of your business. They will provide guidance, expertise, and ideas to enhance your digital marketing efforts.

A consultant will meet with you regularly to discuss your digital marketing campaigns. They will provide honest, straightforward feedback on progress, how to improve and any weaknesses to kill!

ROAR offers specialist digital marketing strategy to small and enterprise-level businesses. Check out our consultancy service here.


Why Bring in a Digital Marketing Consultant?


Increase organic rankings with experienced support.

A digital marketing consultant will have abundant experience under their belt. They will know their way around a SERP (search engine results page) like the back of their hand!

They will come with an overwhelming knowledge of online marketing best practices. Along with industry knowledge, it will allow them to assist in curating a traffic-boosting, lead-generating strategy.

Their experience and expertise will likely offer support within one of the main digital channels, SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimisation and optimises webpages to rank organically on SERPs.

An experienced digital marketing consultant can analyse your current SEO strategy, audit it and suggest how to improve it. Through carefully curated, knowledge-fueled strategy, businesses can engage with existing customers and attract new ones.


Save Time

A digital consultant can save you hours, maybe even weeks, across a year. This is down to their expertise and advanced knowledge – they can likely spot errors and opportunities before you.

Being a consultant means you don’t have to spend days learning the industry inside and out. They will hand-pick the best strategy and tactics and present them to you to implement.

Although ROAR strongly recommends taking in as much information as possible and completing additional outside learning. Your consultant should be leading the way, with you following the trail closely.


Tailor Campaigns.

The good thing about consultants is they know their stuff. This means they can bring a tonne of ideas to the table.

Ultimately, you have hired them and brought them in as an extension of your business. This means one of the responsibilities of a digital marketing consultant is to get to know your business and what it offers.

They will tailor the digital marketing strategy to your business only. This is to ensure you are setting yourself up for success.

From SEO to PPC, a consultant will bring many strategic, results-driven ideas to support your business better.


Improve Current Strategy

Bringing in a digital consultancy can skyrocket your business especially if you’re just starting out.

Consumer behaviour and likely your industry are always changing, which can lead to an outdated strategy. If you have fallen victim to this, a consultant can revive your strategy back to full health.

Your chosen consultant will evaluate your current strategy start to finish. Before they offer enhancements and critical changes to remain on track to meet business goals.

For more on how digital marketing specialists ROAR can help, see our blog here.


Generate New Ideas

Within a business, you usually liaise with the same individuals and team members each day. This can result in some fresh ideas and perspectives being required.

A digital marketing consultant can offer just that. They come into your business with no bias and no preconceived ideation. This means they’re free to throw in new ideas and creativity into the mix.

This could change the trajectory of the organisation in the long term through fresh, innovative ideas generation.


Wide Range of Expertise

What is a digital marketing consultant? And endless pit of ideas and expertise.

We recommend meeting with a digital consultant first to ensure they offer the expertise that will benefit you. You don’t want to sign up with an expert SEO consultant when you’re only looking for support on social media platforms.

Clarify your business’s goals and ask consultants how their expertise fits. Some may be pro at creating landing pages, others a Google Analytics wizz and some specialists in Facebook ads. Knowing what goals your business is aiming for is essential. You should also take time to ask the consultant to align their skills and expertise to YOUR goals.

Some may come supported with a degree in marketing, 10 years of industry experience and a dazzling portfolio. However, if they don’t have the expertise required to reach your goals they may not be the best fit for you.



Join our community of successful businesses and entrepreneurs through digital marketing consultancy with ROAR. Together, we can take your business to new heights.


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