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2022 I’m a Celeb Cast as Digital Marketers

I’m a celeb is well underway with a penis-eating politician and our favourite Geordies Ant and Dec. But what would the I’m a Celeb Cast taking part in the show be like as Digital Marketers?

Let’s start with arguably the most hated man in Britain right now, shall we?


Matt Hancock


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An MP in the I’m a Celebrity 2022 jungle, what’s next, a prime minister outlasting lettuce? 

Matt Hancock’s appearance in the I’m a celeb cast this year is both outrageous and ironically comical, an MP on reality TV, I’m still as gobsmacked as you are. 

Granted, Matt has taken each and every trial in his stride. He’s navigated through 2.5million flies in House of Horrors and fought off 30 snakes in Deserted Down Under (just another day at work really). 

He’d be the type of digital marketing executive that comes in and causes complete chaos, tracking turned off, PPC ads times changed, and changes the semi-skimmed milk to whole milk – Completely unhinged. 

He would have a hard time remaining impartial with his clients and when he has a favourite, he makes it very clear. He would spend extra time catering to their needs whilst neglecting some of the others. 

Matt would know his stuff, he’s been trained and studied so he would certainly have a good level of knowledge, but he would be easily flustered.

As a colleague, I’m a Celeb has shown he can have a laugh and poke fun at himself. He would want to be friends with everyone but some of his actions and opinions may get him in trouble. 

Although, he would find himself as the butt of the joke more times than not. 

He would be working as an executive, but when the manager is off Matt thinks he’s the boss, next cup of tea, please….

Boy George


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Boy George at this point would be the whiny apprentice who doesn’t really want to be there, and you can see it. 

Alright bit harsh but has that man gone a day without complaining in the jungle? NOPE!

From how you make his cup of tea, to office decor, to how YOU complete YOUR own tasks, George would make his opinions clear and known to everyone, well everyone but the boss. 

Now he’s skilled, and definitely has a knack for the role but he would need to commit to it and maybe let everyone else just get on with their roles as well. 


Jill Scott MBE


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Jill Scott is a bit of a ray of sunshine, isn’t she? She just seems like the loveliest woman but her background in women’s football from national to international shows her as a determined, strong and powerful woman.

But she’s known to be a bit, relaxed off the pitch, I think she would be a team leader of some sort, perhaps in SEO. 

From surviving heights and getting into camp by being walked out on a plank Jill has some serious determination.

She’d be the fun boss, work till five, a cocktail at 5:07 and she wouldn’t change in the workplace either. Jill’s teamwork and experience are unmatched, everyone would know what is expected of them but she wouldn’t be bossy, she’d just expect you to get on with it. 

She would be good fun, with positive vibes bringing up team morale whilst also ensuring everyone stays on track. Besides, if Jill Scott told me to do a task, you best believe it’s getting done, rapid. 

Jill is our queen of the jungle for sure!


Mike Tindall MBE


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Mike is the CEO. I said what I said. He’s firm but fair and one of the loveliest men in the jungle right now. 

He’s lived as well, he would fill the office with stories of his travels and experiences, and always have some form of way to enter himself into a conversation. But not in a bad way.

He would keep a tight team with strong team morals remaining firm on his employees to keep working and complete their tasks. 


Scarlett Douglas


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Presenter Scarlett Douglas is from a place in the sun, where you ask? The TV show (Thanks Owen for that unbelievable moment of TV comedy).

A TV presenter who simply oozes confidence, Scarlett would own and run her own agency. 

She’s strong-willed and seems to have a pretty good head on her shoulders. When she’s not cooking up crocodile feet for her campmates Scarlett shows a real sense of family and team morale especially when she’s teaching Matt Hancock some dance moves.

I think Scarlett’s agency would market for small businesses. She has a real sense of care about her and I think that would show well in her work and passion for the role. 

Scarlett would almost become a part of your business with how much she would self involve herself among the executives working on the project.

She would be easy to reach, approachable and happy to help all hours of the day

In the office, she would be a motherly figure and really provide a boost to her team when they need it, making sure everyone’s well-being was tip-top. 


Owen Warner


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Ah Owen, bless him he knows so much but so little. How do you know what a Coq Au Vin is but you can’t see through Chris Moyles lying to you every 10 minutes?

Owen is here on work experience, he had no clue what he wanted to do and frankly forgot to apply so he’s ended up placed at a marketing agency.

He would surprise us all though with creativity and flair for effective social posts and get himself stuck into whatever the agency throws at him, he even ends up creating a viral post.

Owen later returns to specialise and train in social media, his comedic timing and almost lack of self-awareness lead him to some pretty spectacular original social posts. 

Babatunde Aléshée


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Oh, Babatunde, clumsy with the stars clumsy with his content. I think Babatunde would be a pretty creative digital marketer, specialising in social and content. 

He’s one of the funniest people on your Linkedin feed, reaction posts to Google Updates are his forte and he would have a hilarious blog post out every other week. 

Baba is clumsy though, as we saw in Angel of Agony, Baba Butterfingers is known in the office for clicking too fast and all over the shop. 

He’d accidentally post your social content with half a comedic caption regularly because his finger slipped. 

Was Halloween content posted in mid-September? Scary slip of concentration there, Christmas in October (not a crime btw) is wonderful for the festive fans, but a bit weird for the rest of the followers. 

In the office, he would have you laughing your way from 9-5. But, he can be a bit of a distraction with his jokes so regularly you have to stick your headphones in and pretend you’re too busy to talk.

Can you see any of our 2022 I’m A Celeb cast turning to digital marketing when they leave? 

Maybe Matt if parliament don’t let him back in (god forbid eh😉)


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