ROAR Digital Marketing Becomes a HubSpot Provider

We’re delighted to share the news that ROAR has become a Certified HubSpot’s Solutions Provider Program. One of the leading marketing growth platforms worldwide, HubSpot serves over 114,000 companies across 120 countries.

The Solutions Partner Program gives us access to a global insider community of experts within marketing, sales, customer service, web design and IT. As a HubSpot provider, we can offer a huge range of marketing solutions to allow our clients to tap into new opportunities, expand their networks and offer a next-generation customer experience.


Our journey to becoming a HubSpot provider

Micheal Knowles celebrates becoming a HubSpot Provider

ROAR’s journey with HubSpot has already been a long and fulfilling one, as Marketing Director Michael Knowles explains:

“The HubSpot inbound marketing platform was where my own path into the industry began – more years ago than I care to remember! I was initially trained by professional HubSpot instructor Rachel Ahearne. Her fantastic and expert approach inspired me to pursue marketing as a career.

Now that ROAR has joined HubSpot as a solutions partner, my own journey has come full circle, and I’m thrilled to have brought my agency on board. It’s a real boost for our expanding client base.”

As all marketers know, utilizing the most up-to-date technology is one of the major keys to identifying, winning and retaining customers. As a long-term HubSpot specialist for clients and now solutions provider, ROAR can now tap into the platform’s comprehensive and up-to-date resources.

You can find our HubSpot directory listing here.

HubSpot Provider logo

                            ROAR: Official North-East HubSpot Solutions Partner

What is HubSpot used for?

HubSpot is a CRM platform, used by businesses to grow their customer base. The software is designed with ease in mind – there’s no new equipment necessary and all the tools that business leaders need are housed within a single program. 

Amid a sea of separate and poorly integrating marketing solutions, HubSpot launched its platform in 2006. It offered a range of resources designed to assist marketers in making data-led decisions, identify new growth opportunities and provide sales teams with qualified leads.

From lead capture to content research, task management to workflows and even a comprehensive analytics’ suite, HubSpot allows marketing teams to plan, communicate and collaborate using a single cloud-based platform.

Today the company has grown into one of the world’s leading solutions for delivering better marketing, sales and customer service.


What is the HubSpot Solutions Partner Program?

HubSpot Provider blue image

HubSpot’s Solutions Partner Program is designed for agencies looking to expand their service offering and build further expertise in the HubSpot CRM platform, and in the digital marketing space.

“We’ve long-held a goal at ROAR to be an outstanding digital marketing partner for ambitious UK businesses,” says Michael. “This new opportunity gives us even greater scope to achieve our aims.”

ROAR is already a full-service Google Partner agency, offering a complete suite of digital marketing solutions. These include SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (pay per click), Display Advertising, Google Analytics and Digital Consultancy services. 

“At present we have a portfolio of five long-term clients on the HubSpot side,” Michael explains. “Now, with our Solutions Partner Program status we’re ambitiously seeking further growth in this channel. 

The platform can make a huge difference to business expansion and we’re excited to show potential clients the gains they can make.”


What HubSpot can do

chart showing what HubSpot can do

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Alongside its most basic function as a CRM tool, the platform offers specific software solutions for marketing, sales and customer service:

  • The HubSpot Marketing Hub can help automate marketing actions, research then run campaigns and achieve intended goals. With a local HubSpot solutions partner on board, a company’s marketing hub can be tailored to suit an organisation’s specific needs, no matter how big or small.
  • The HubSpot Sales Hub helps companies create, organize and automate sales workflows, meaning sales teams are free to spend more time on what they do best – creating new leads.
  • The HubSpot Customer Service Hub exists to take the customer experience to the next level, ensuring better response times, freeing up agent time through live chat, introducing a comprehensive ticketing system and offering analytics to help managers coach their employees more efficiently.


Is HubSpot safe to use?

Yes! HubSpot has been at the forefront of marketing software development since its inception and treats security very seriously. 

The platform has a SOC 2 Type 1 report regarding the availability, confidentiality and security of all customer data. HubSpot’s SOC 2 report is mapped to Trust Service Principles (TSPs) established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

In plain English, this means any client data housed by HubSpot is very safe.

Click here to find out more about our managed HubSpot provider services.

Interested in how we can help your organisation achieve great things? Get in touch with local Hubspot solutions provider ROAR today


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