Why do companies hire SEO agencies?

Why Do Companies Hire SEO Agencies?

It’s a fair question, especially when many businesses use digital marketing in-house. Here’s why companies and corporations hire SEO agencies:

Why Do Companies Hire SEO Agencies?

Ever asked yourself, if they have a digital marketing team in-house, then why do companies hire SEO agencies? It’s a valid question, and many people view hiring an SEO company alongside a digital marketing team as a negative.

As a specialist SEO agency, this is a sad thing for us to hear. Not only because of our existing relationships with our clients and their marketing teams but also because of the opportunity to develop fellow marketers, strengthening the industry’s skill in the process.

We’re here to show you that not only it’s a positive thing. It is holistically positive for companies to hire SEO agencies—here a the four most common reasons.


You Require a Specialist Touch

Nowadays, SEO is much more than improving your website to increase traffic. It’s a much more intricate specialism, with hundreds of ranking factors to consider across all major search engines. Gone are the days of putting a keyword on a page and ranking number one overnight.

Instead, any reputable agency will consider your website health, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO, traffic quality, lead generation, conversion rates, and so much more!

This is what an SEO agency does day to day. They keep up to date with trends, changes, updates and ranking factors. They’re paid first and foremost to be specialists. On the other hand, an in-house team will often have to consider all avenues of a business’s digital marketing strategy.

I’m sure you know how busy internal staff can get. Having that special touch to cover your team so they can cover internal business and digital marketing-related tasks have proven invaluable to many corporations.


Your Website Doesn’t Perform

Website performance is about more than just how fast your pages load- although page speed is essential -it is also about your traffic quality, copy, internal and external linking, and the list goes on!

Using modern search engine optimisation techniques, SEO experts should completely change your understanding of website performance. Not only will they put you in front of the right audience, but they will rank you highly and maintain your position, giving you a much higher chance of conversions, engagement and brand recognition.


You Want More than Best Practice

Search engines are constantly evolving, and as such, so are the best practices for SEO. While it is well within the permit of an in-house team to keep up to date with best practices, it is an essential function of an agency team, they cannot afford to be out of date.

Wanting more than best practice is perfectly normal and quite often the reason why we get approached by businesses. Especially when you consider just how frequently Google updates their algorithm. As recently as 2018, there were 3,234 ‘improvements’ to their search engine criteria. This continues a pattern of more regular updates year after year.

It’s also typical that an in-house team lacks the tools or knowledge to go above best practices. But search engine optimisation agencies have all the gadgets and toys that help go above and beyond.

For more, make sure to check out our blog on what you should expect from an SEO agency.


You Don’t Rank for Anything

It’s simple, the higher your website ranks in search engines, the more positives and benefits you will see. Not just for your brand but your business as well. Any reputable SEO agency will ensure that you are found organically across search engines. This will be for more than just your products and services and your content.

Positioning you as a modern, healthy and user-friendly online business and a thought/industry leader across the internet. There are countless positives to expanding your online presence and ranking for more related, intent-driven keywords with a competitive average monthly search volume that will take your website from rags to riches.

When hiring an SEO Agency, it’s important that they have certain qualities as well as offer the right services check out the blog – For more information, check out our ultimate guide to working with an SEO agency.


Of course, these are just four great examples of why companies hire SEO agencies, but for a more in-depth run-down, check out our ultimate guide on ‘Why Hire An SEO Agency?’

Or are you already convinced? If you’re interested in hiring a specialist SEO agency to skyrocket your organic search rankings, then speak with ROAR! Our team of specialists are eager to help!

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