What is HubSpot Marketing

What Is HubSpot Marketing?

In the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, staying ahead of the curve is not just an advantage but a necessity if you want to drive business growth. If you find yourself reading this blog, you’re likely in the awareness stage of your journey, searching for information that could be game-changing for your marketing and positively impact your overall business growth. So, let’s crack on with ‘What is HubSpot marketing?’ and introduce you to a transformative force that’s making waves (not noise) in the expansive world of digital marketing!


What is HubSpot marketing?

HubSpot marketing is an all-in-one inbound marketing hub that provides a comprehensive marketing solution for all businesses, regardless of size. The ability to integrate with a suite of tools and streamline existing strategies makes HubSpot marketing a leading platform for driving business growth, but don’t just take it from me; take it from the 184,000 companies already using HubSpot within their inbound methodology.

184,000 companies are already using HubSpot to support their inbound marketing.

What stands out about HubSpot marketing is the ability to tailor marketing messaging that lands with specific targeted audiences. This helps make offers and promotions more relevant, attracting qualified leads who are ready to convert. So what are you waiting for? Get cracking on that marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals to help maximise business growth!


The Need For HubSpot Marketing

Before we jump into the vast range of features HubSpot marketing hub offers, let’s explore the business case it aims to address. As I’ve mentioned before, in the vast digital landscape, businesses often struggle with scattered data and disconnected customer experiences, which hinders business growth and blocks the path to success. This is where HubSpot marketing comes in and saves the day – a unified platform dedicated to aligning your marketing efforts while bringing clarity to your overall marketing strategy.


The HubSpot Ecosystem

Imagine a world where your website, social media, email campaigns and analytics lived in one place under a centralised hub; that’s exactly what HubSpot marketing offers! A stand-out feature of the platform is the HubSpot CRM, which is the beating heart of the platform, unifying customer data and providing in-depth views of your contacts, sales conversations and deals. Also, integrating other apps and systems with HubSpot has never been so easy, as HubSpot has now surpassed 1000 integrations with a business case of marketing, sales, service and more! However, this is a lot of info to take in, right? Don’t worry; you can partner with a HubSpot partner to help you with everything HubSpot-related! To learn more, check out our blog, ‘Maximising ROI: What Is a HubSpot Partner’.


So, we’ve covered the role that HubSpot CRM plays, but what is the role the HubSpot marketing hub plays? HubSpot marketing acts as the engine solely responsible for powering your inbound marketing efforts, from creating engaging and compelling content to automating your amazing email marketing campaigns. HubSpot Marketing helps simplify those complex tasks, enabling you to get more done and build meaningful connections with your audience!


A Gateway to Your Business Growth

To conclude this blog, you can view the HubSpot marketing hub as not just a marketing platform but a strategic partner there to support you at every turn of your journey to business growth. Taking the role of a centralised hub for your marketing and sales, helping your business scale to new heights and unlocking hidden potential.


If you like the sound of what HubSpot can do for your business, you’ll love the benefits using a HubSpot Partner brings – read all about what it’s like working alongside a HubSpot Partner in our blog.




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What are the Key Features of HubSpot?

The key features of HubSpot

Email Marketing

Create emails and send these out to lists of contacts. You can also monitor email marketing analytics within HubSpot, including CTR, Open Rate and Bounce Rate.

Lead Management

Manage leads at each stage of the funnel and track them from first contact to pitch sent, to pricing brochure sent to a closed deal.

Chat Flows and Snippets

Set up a live chatbot on your website and manage inbound communications, and use snippets to integrate HubSpot with your email account (Gmail, etc) and create snippets that appear when writing an email.

SEO Tools

In terms of SEO, HubSpot offers SEO content writing plans around topics that have the best chance of boosting your search engine visibility.

Social Media

HubSpot allows marketers and business owners to monitor social mentions and relevant conversations, schedule posts, and track social media engagement.

Sequences and Workflows

Use workflows and sequences to automate things like email marketing to ensure you are nurturing your leads at all stages of the funnel.


HubSpot marketing hub has a built-in dashboard to track your inbound marketing efforts.


Our Final Thoughts

  • Think of HubSpot as your digital growth sidekick. It’s not just a suite of tools; it’s an extension of your marketing team in simplifying marketing and expanding your business online.
  • HubSpot has a powerful ecosystem, allowing its users to centralise their marketing efforts, including their website, social media, email campaigns, and analytics.



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