The Benefits of Search Engine Marketing for Tech Companies

The Benefits of Search Engine Marketing for Tech Companies

Search engine marketing offers unprecedented opportunities for businesses to showcase their products and services online. SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, meaning a business that invests in its online presence is likelier to make a sale, enquiry or contact.

It seems pretty straightforward, right? Or are you still not convinced? This blog will discuss the benefits of search engine marketing for tech companies.


Search engine marketing is a more comprehensive digital marketing strategy combining the powers of SEO (search engine optimisation) and PPC (pay-per-click).

SEM exists with the main goal of improving a website’s performance on search engine results pages. Businesses like yours could dominate the SERPs through a combined effort of PPC and SEO (although SEM can encompass other strategies).

The most attractive part of SEM is the ability to appear twice on SERPs through organic and paid search rankings. Through a well-targeted, optimised PPC campaign, a bid win could mean securing the top spot on any results page.

This would result in securing the first available result a user sees. This can be crucial when targeting users explicitly aiming to purchase something. Remember, Google Ads receive 65% of clicks on searches that start with buying keywords.

65% of people click on ads when they're looking to make a purchase

Combine this with a killer organic strategy. It’s pretty hard for a user to ignore your presence. If your company appears in the top 3 organic search results, it’s likely to receive a portion of half the clicks on a SERP. The top 3 organic results often receive over half of all clicks. 

Be sure to check out our long-form post, Tactics to Enhance Online Visibility in the Technology Field, for your complete guide to improving your tech companies, position online.


Search Engine Marketing for Tech Companies: The Benefits

Businesses often overlook SEM for a few reasons. Some don’t understand the concept of SEM, some don’t see the benefits, or some are unaware of its abilities.

The benefits of search marketing

Increase Brand Awareness and Recognition


SEM can drastically improve the awareness of your brand. Combining organic and paid search provides two separate opportunities to put your name on the search engine map.

Picture this: you’re searching online for a tech startup fund. You click search, and in the sponsored results, you see a result under; ‘Funding for Tech Startups’; it’s precisely what you wanted, right?

But you’re not convinced. So, you scroll down to the organic results and stumble upon the same business there. Then you think to yourself, wow, they’ve covered all bases, let’s check them out.

That is the beauty of increasing brand awareness and recognition using SEM.


Increase Brand Traffic and MQLs


We mentioned earlier that the top 3 results in organic search receive over half of all clicks. What effect does this have on website traffic?

Search engine marketing harnesses an impressive ability to help businesses like yours target the right people. Through SEM, you can put your company in front of audiences searching directly for your products or services.

The year is 2023, and the combination of organic and paid search makes up 80% of all trackable website visits. By targeting specific keywords and phrases, your business can attract more traffic to its website by appearing in the SERPs.

This leads to a significant increase in online visibility. Which, in turn, can result in a higher click-through rate, ultimately meaning more website traffic.

The leads from your marketing efforts are often known as MQLs (marketing qualified leads). This means they have been qualified from one of your marketing channels.

These leads have interacted with the brand and indicated an interest in what your company offers based on marketing efforts or are more likely to become customers than other leads.


Competitive Edge


Search engine marketing is critical to compete with other tech firms online. For example, SEM, unlike social media, does not rely on popularity or vanity metrics like follower count. It’s an equal playing field for each technology company out there.

However, a successful SEM campaign requires plenty of research and time. Perform detailed keyword research and investigate how your target audience behaves online. Consider what words or phrases they would be drawn to and most likely click on.

Use this research to implement a competitive strategy based on the keywords you find. Consider their intent and volume and use them to create compelling ad copy; tech companies can gain visibility online. They can also compete against those more significant, maybe more well-known companies within the industry.

If you want more information on working with an SEM agency, click here to download our free comprehensive guide and discover how outsourcing a team of specialists translates into dominating search engine rankings.


SEM is Adaptable and Scalable


Your tech company should find comfort in the fact that SEM is adaptable and scalable. The tech industry is consistently developing, so a flexible marketing strategy should be on hand.

SEM campaigns are simple to adjust, which allows your business to mould its strategy based on current market trends, customer behaviour, and its overarching business goals.


Key Takeaways

  • SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate.
  • SEM provides two opportunities to dominate search engine results pages.
  • SEM is adaptable, and businesses like yours can mould your strategy in line with any industry changes, trends or shifts in behaviour.
  • Research is critical for finding the right keywords to target and understanding your audience – this will help you create an effective SEM campaign.



Ready to dominate the search engine rankings? Contact ROAR and let our SEM specialists curate a seamless strategy designed for success.


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