Our Top 5 Unique Seasonal Marketing Campaigns

For many in the UK, it doesn’t get much better than John Lewis for seasonal marketing campaigns. Everyone here at ROAR HQ, however, has a favourite of their own!

While the world is not short of seasonal marketing campaign Ideas, a precious few leave a lasting impression on us. Specifically for the team here at ROAR, the following five seasonal marketing campaigns are our favourites!


Will Ferrell & Apple

In this little-known Apple Christmas marketing campaign advert, Will Ferrell takes his turn as Santa! Along with regular promotions of the iPod. The campaign was meant to feature people who had switched from the Windows platform to the Mac; but also included some celebrities like Tony Hawk and De La Soul. It was a distinctive and niche campaign but not one of those very successful seasonal marketing campaigns. We have a feeling it was possibly outshined by the Mac vs PC campaign, as the theme was very familiar.

Nevertheless! We find the Will Ferrell string of ads for the Apple campaign ads pretty funny! Especially the one from the Switch campaign. This new take on Santa sees more of a ‘bad Santa’ style in typical Will Ferrell fashion!


Google’s Santa Tracker

Not exactly as well known as the coca-cola truck but this is one of those stand out seasonal marketing campaigns. It’s has been a seasonal staple of Google for a few years and has had a range of features. This year though, there are games like “Build & Bolt”, “Santa Selfie,” and “Wrap Battle”. (“Build & Bolt” is our favourite).

We love this Google feature as it blends in the magic of the holidays and data-based technology, something we love! A great way to teach kids of many ages that just because we live in a digital world, there’s still a place for the old folk tales and old-world magic.

Google went a little further with the Santa Tracker, as they released elements of the tool as open-source allowing developers to customise the tool.  They did so with the intent of helping developers foster their own “magical experiences based on all the interesting and exciting components that came together to make Santa Tracker”.  –  Developer Programs Engineer, Sam Thorogood, Google.

Curious to learn more? Here’s the Tracking Santa backstory from the official google blog!

Have a play around with Google’s Santa Tracker!


Santa Crashes Christmas

In this heart-warming Christmas ad, Santa crashes somewhere in the Australian Outback. A stark contrast to the usual cosy lodges, snowy hills and frozen landscapes of a typical Christmas campaign advert. The sprawling desert, beautiful skies and colourful wildlife are a refreshing alternative showing a different type of Christmas.

The ad shows a slightly disheartened Santa crash in the Australian outback, taken in by the locals as they rebuild his sleigh, repair his clothes, and get him ready for his return up North. Along this journey, Santa becomes an honorary Aussie, helping the local community, drinking a pint of milk in the local and sharing a Christmas dinner in a uniquely Australian style!

Check out the advert below. We think you’ll love it!


Heineken Festive Holiday Troubles

This one is painfully fun to watch! Watching this at ROAR HQ sparked a derailed conversation about our personal holiday troubles. As the advert theme suggests, ‘accidents can happen’, and a fair few occur during the runtime of this ad from Heineken. Following a few different evenings around Christmas with a turkey left on the roof of a taxi to a last-minute takeaway as the hob sets the smoke alarm off.

This is refreshing to see with a seasonal marketing campaign. Showing some of the holidays’ hectic nature and not presenting them as a perfect time of the year. While most ads will be pleasant and heartfelt, this ad is so in a different and more meaningful way that ‘accidents can happen’, and the season doesn’t have to be perfect!

It’s nice to see an ad that shows how this season can really be for many people! Check it out below!


Lagavulin and Nick Offerman’s Yule Log

A few years old at this point but still holds a special place in the hearts of a few of us here at ROAR. If you know the American actor Nick Offerman, then you know one of his most well-known roles is on the hit show Parcs and Rec where he plays a whisky loving all American named Ron Swanson. With a particular affinity for Lagavulin.

So, when they approached the actor to create a seasonal marketing campaign, a match made in heaven was made. The 45-minute video is initially posed as a ‘Tales of whisky’ themed, on-location documentary-style informative piece, but in reality, it is so much better! We have a feeling Mr Offerman was compensated very well for his efforts, possibly in the form of many bottles of Lagavulin!

After the introduction, the actor sits in a leather chair, in front of a roaring fire, whisky in hand aaaaand that’s it, for about 44 minutes-ish, until he downs the glass of whiskey, and with a satisfied sigh, he stands and leaves the frame, end of the video. We realise it may not be for everyone but it’s a fresh take and interesting approach to what can be a heavily saturated, emotional and content-heavy advertising season. Check out the full video, and let us know if you love or hate it!


Which seasonal marketing campaign was your favourite?

We hope you enjoyed our post! Happy Holidays from everyone here at ROAR!

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