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PPC Marketing Tips for Success

In today’s digital age, paid search engine marketing has manoeuvred its way to the forefront of online advertising. There’s never been a better time to start, with nearly 50% of small businesses investing in PPC advertising. However, with little to no experience in paid search engine marketing, you’re likely to slip up here and there. So, let’s delve into our PPC Marketing tips for success!


Four PPC Marketing Tips for Success

‘Tried Broad Match?’ 

The first of our PPC marketing tips for success is to avoid having all your keywords in broad match. Although Google may love them, it will only restrict their control and burn through your daily budget while seeing conversions tank.

For example, let’s say you sell red T-shirts; because your keywords are in broad match, you may end up with your search ads being triggered for searches such as: ‘cat wearing funny red T-shirt’. As you can imagine, this serves no value and differs from the qualified traffic you should be chasing.

Instead, consider using [exact] or “phrase” match, as using these modifiers on your keywords will ensure you have more control over what triggers your ads.

Keep in mind that although your clicks and impressions may fall, you will be reaching users who are much more qualified. Therefore, they will have a higher chance of converting and becoming a customer.

Adding Negative Keywords

When running PPC ads campaigns, you must effectively manage your paid search engine marketing. Over time, your goal should be to expand the number of high-intent target keywords you are bidding on. All while simultaneously narrowing down and refining the ones you are already bidding on.

Negative Keywords give you, the advertiser, the ability to do exactly that! Furthermore, it’s also essential you understand how to add a broad phrase and exact match negatives, as this will allow you to get the most value from negative keywords. Too often, advertisers new to Google Ads fail to manage their negative keywords effectively. In return, they receive clicks from unqualified users with little to no chance of converting, resulting in wasted ad spend.

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Protect Your Brand!

Our third of our PPC marketing tips for success is all about protecting your business.

Often, advertisers new to paid SEM (search engine marketing) won’t think to bid on their brand terms. However, there’s a reason 93% of agencies run branded campaigns for their clients. It’s because competitors will try to bid on brand terms in the hopes of decreasing brand awareness for competitors. And, as an attempt to redirect qualified traffic to their website to gain conversions.

93% of agencies run branded campaigns for their clients

Protect your brand against this by bidding on your brand terms. Furthermore, many advertisers believe that organically being in the number one spot is enough. However, I see sponsored ads get the SERP (search engine results page) real estate space above an organic ranking time and time again. This shows that the number one organic spot just isn’t enough to fight off your competitors!


Device Bid Adjustment 

Lastly on our list of PPC marketing tips is device bid adjustment. Device bid adjustment allows you to bid a set percentage more for clicks from a certain device.

For example, imagine you’re running a campaign and notice that the conversions you receive are mainly from mobile devices. Because of device bid adjustments, you can target clicks from mobile devices by increasing your bids. This can help to increase your conversions. Keep in mind that this also works the other way.

For example, if you notice that desktop devices aren’t seeing any conversions and show poor performance, you can make a device bid adjustment that allows you to pay less for clicks from that device.



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