Is your website mobile friendly - The benefits

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly? (The Benefits)

Is your website mobile friendly? The benefits of mobile are pretty big, right? As of March 2023, 60.67% of all website traffic comes from people using mobile devices.

So, you’re closing yourself off to a vast amount of internet traffic if your website isn’t equipped on mobile. 

In this blog, we dive deep into the benefits of a mobile-friendly website and how exactly you can achieve that.

Is your website mobile-friendly? Let’s find out.

Are you?

  • Avoiding pop-ups. – pop-ups can significantly benefit desktops, with the average popup conversion rate at 11.09%
  • Compressing images. – when compressing images, the smaller the file, the less time it takes to load. A website that will load quickly can determine whether
  • Performing tests often. – Ensure you test your website on mobile and IOS and Android devices to cover significant bases. Consider running the website through Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. This is a free tool that tests how easy it is for an online visitor to use your website. 
  • Making your website layout responsive.- When tackling web design, a responsive layout means a website can scale its size to fit all users’ devices. 
  • Optimising for a speedy experience. – Website speed is one of the first things an online user will notice. We recommend using Page Speed Insights
  • Using an appropriately sized and readable font. – It’s common to use 14 pixels for a desktop screen, but this might not be visible on a mobile phone. The most accurate way to test it is by looking at a mobile device. 


Why consider mobile-friendly online? 

The benefit of a mobile-friendly website:


  • Improved User Experience

A mobile-friendly website means that a website can display different versions depending on what devices visitors are using. Mobile devices and tablets will have much smaller screens than a desktop will. And with over half of all web traffic coming from mobile, improving user experience is a must.


  • Improved user accessibility.

An accessible website is critical when ensuring that a website is mobile-friendly. You must ensure your website is easy to read and navigate on all devices. An accessible website includes making the website navigable for those with visual impairments and other disabilities.

The process of visiting your website to leaving (hopefully after a conversion) should be smooth from start to finish. Approximately 97.4% of the top online websites do not offer a fully accessible website.

Approximately 97.4% of the top online website do not offer a fully accessible website

  • Increase mobile conversions

Mobile-friendly sites mean that the website can be accessed on mobile devices. This means it works and can be navigated on smaller screens using touchscreen elements. Optimising your website for usage like this can lead to a high engagement rate and decreased bounce rate. In turn, this can result in more conversions. 


  • Flexible and cost-effective compared to app development.

Apps must operate on multiple systems and high programming languages. This means they are set for higher costs and lengthier time to develop and correct the issues. Mobile applications require regular technical support. Bugfixes every once in a while due to application errors appearing more frequently than web ones. 

However, some apps can be accessed with no wifi or cellular connection, unlike websites. This can be a significant advantage for interactivity. 


  • Improve SEO 

Mobile-friendliness on a website is critical when it comes to SEO. How mobile-friendly your website is contributed directly to SEO as a ranking factor for both Google and Bing. Things like, loading time, usability, and accessibility can contribute to SEO and significantly lower bounce rate. Of course, this is only the case if a website is to a high standard.



The benefit of a mobile-friendly website is unmatched. For SEO-strengthening consultancy, please speak to our team of equipped specialists today. 



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