Digital Marketing Inspiration from the NUFC 2022/2023 Season

Digital Marketing Inspiration from the NUFC 2022/2023 Season

As a Newcastle United (NUFC) fan, I followed their 2022/2023 season. A season of thrilling matches and nail-biting moments. Today, I sit at my desk, sharing my digital marketing inspiration from the NUFC 2022/2023 season.


Digital Marketing Inspiration From the Magpies

Marketing Tips From NUFC


  • Tactics: Playing to Strengths


Eddie Howe’s 2022/2023 NUFC squad could only score screaming goals and win games by playing to their strengths.

You must also identify and play to your strengths in digital marketing strategy by making informed decisions! Think of keywords, and select ones that align with your target audience’s search behaviour. You can create relevant ad campaigns by understanding the strength of your product or service offering. This will help to improve your CTR (click-through rate) and conversions. 

In both PPC and SEO, understanding the strengths of your business and why it offers value is key. Think of the services and products you excel with and use these to form your digital strategy.

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  • Adaptability


If you’re here for an Eddie Howe masterclass on adaptability, I’m sorry to disappoint. We couldn’t get him to write this blog. Luckily, ROAR found the next best thing…ME!

Anyways, last season saw Newcastle face opponents of all levels. This meant the squad had to adapt depending on the opposition during games.

Just like in digital marketing, marketers must be ready to react to changes in the landscape. Factors affecting the macro environment, such as seasonality and market trends, can influence the performance of your ad campaigns. You should try to keep your finger on the pulse and be ready for some bumps along the way!


  • Data-Driven Decisions


NUFC, like any professional sports team, rely heavily on data and statistics to gain maximum performance. Data is crucial, whether it be which player to buy in the transfer market or which player to start. Likewise, using data to make informed decisions is vital for digital marketing.

Monitoring click-through rates, conversion rates, and keyword rankings can provide insights into what’s working and what needs improvement. Just as NUFC reviews match statistics to refine their game plan, marketers should use data to refine their digital strategies.


  • Continuous Learning and Improvement 


Last season, we saw some fantastic players enter Newcastle United. Players that helped take the club to that next level and achieve Champions League football. The continuous learning and improvement under Eddie Howe has helped take some existing players from zero to hero! We all remember Joelinton under Steve Bruce; look at him now! 

Similarly, digital marketers should use the same approach and embrace the various opportunities to develop and grow as marketers. Embrace a culture of continuous learning and development. This includes staying up to date on industry trends and algorithm updates. It also means researching and learning marketing tools that help marketers become more efficient and effective within their role. 


Key Takeaways

  • Playing to your strengths will help you achieve Champions League football, rank higher in the SERP, and increase conversions 😉
  • Adaptability isn’t just a term used in sports, but digital marketing too! Adapting to new platforms and strategies will keep you ahead of the competition. 
  • Using data to make informed decisions is crucial in all industries as it provides increased accuracy and improved efficiency. 
  • Continuous improvement and development helped turn Joelinton, Miguel Almiron and Fabian Schar into a trio of footballing machines. Still, it can also serve to transform you as a marketer! 



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