What is PPC? Get to Grips With Pay Per Click in 2017

what is ppc

What is PPC, how does PPC work, what are display ads and how much does PPC cost? If these are the kind of questions you have been asking but you have not had the time to find the answers, this quick guide brings us back to PPC basics.

As 2016 comes to a close, you may be thinking about how you can move your business forward in the new year. Alternatively, you may be thinking about all the things you didn’t get round to in 2016! We find that PPC is often one of the areas of marketing that SMEs want to learn more about, but perhaps don’t know where to get started. So today we ask ‘what is PPC’ and answer a number of common PPC questions.


So Exactly What Is PPC?

Pay Per Click is an advertising method in which you will be charged each time someone clicks on your online advert. In effect, you are buying more visitors to your website. The key to effective PPC is attracting the right visitors at the right time, in order to lead to more conversions (sign ups, sales opportunities, etc.). Therefore, there’s a lot that goes into creating a successful PPC campaign.

what is search marketing

One of the most popular ways to create a PPC campaign is via Google Adwords. Create an advert to show on Google search and pay every time someone chooses to click on your advert. Because the majority of searchers do not browse further than the first page, having a presence there is often vital to compete in your marketplace. Ensuring your ad shows is down to a combination of things; your budget, relevancy, chosen search terms and quality. (See example pic above showing our client Northumbrian Water Group Solutions ranking in at #1 on Google Search).


Why PPC Works and Why You’d Choose To Include it in Your Marketing Strategy.

why ppc works by Roar digital marketing agency

Asking why PPC works will vary depending on your industry and your business goals. However investing in pay per click can often offer quick and impressive results, compared with longer-term organic marketing. PPC is flexible; your campaigns can be easily paused, changed or started again. You can run multiple campaigns for different products or customer segments. One of the reasons why PPC works so well for so many SMEs is the fact that you have much control over targeting, segmenting and, importantly, analysing your campaigns. The ability to easily and continuously review and improve is what makes a good PPC campaign, a great one.

PPC, CPC, SEM – What’s The Difference?

We often get asked “are PPC and CPC the same?” Or “are PPC and SEM the same?” Well here are the differences.

  • SEM – Stands for Search Engine Marketing and more generally encompasses the methods of marketing on a search engine’s (such as Google) search result pages. Technically organic search would be included in this, but the term SEM is now more generally used to describe methods of paid advertising and purchasing ads on search engines.
  • CPC – Stands for Cost Per Click and is a metric of measuring, you got it, the cost per click! Although often used to describe PPC as a whole, CPC is really just one aspect of it.

What are PPC Display Ads?

what are google display ads and how do google display ads work?

PPC display ads are adverts shown on other selected or targeted websites or blogs (See example screenshot above from a well-known car buying website – here you can see two display ads showcasing new cars targetted at me because of my info and search history etc, although I think a Porsche is a little out of my league!). In the same respect as search PPC, you will be charged when people click on your advert. This kind of visual PPC advertising is great to build awareness, particularly for a new brand or new product launch, but can also be effective in terms of brand recall in your customer’s mindset. If you choose to use Google Adwords, your PPC display adverts are managed through the same account.



How Much Does PPC Cost?

how much does ppc cost

Possibly the question we are asked most here at ROAR, and one there is no set answer to! Regarding Google Adwords, Google will show your ad depending on how valuable it finds your ad to be to the searcher. Also, what you pay per click is based on an auction system. Average cost per click is around £1 – £2, but could be as much as £50 for highly competitive terms. The good news for businesses is that you can set a daily or monthly budget cap, meaning you can keep close control on total PPC spend. Specific industry and competitor research will give you a good idea of how much you may need to spend to achieve your desired outcomes and goals.

Perfecting and successfully implementing a PPC campaign is a careful mix of a range of components, and close monitoring and review. We hope this article has helped to answer some of your “what is PPC” questions. If you would like to take the next step to promote your business online, we would be happy to discuss your business goals in more detail, just click the ‘contact us‘ button below, and we will be in touch.



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