Using Seasonal PPC and Creating a Killer Christmas Adwords Campaign

christmas adwords campaign

If you are an e-commerce brand, creating a Christmas Adwords campaign is likely to be on your list. Using seasonal PPC marketing is almost vital to ensure your products are noticed, and purchased, during the busiest shopping period of the year.

The festive season is the best time of the year to go campaign crazy. For marketers and small businesses, it is the ideal excuse to theme offers, introduce discounts, launch new products and ultimately sell more.

If you have been using pay per click as part of your marketing for some time, you should be familiar with the idea of seasonal PPC. Whether it is social media that is your focus or creating a Christmas Adwords campaign, each platform has its variations (here’s the Google Adwords guide for using seasonal PPC), but essentially best practice is the same.

Online retail sales are forecast to grow 11% this year (The IMRG Capgemini eRetail Sales Index) and according to ExtraDigital Christmas shopping is shifting later into the season as people often don’t begin their shopping until the second half of November.

So with this in mind lets take a look at some of the retail trends ready to take over this year’s festive season, and how you might be able to work them into your Christmas Adwords Campaign.


What Are the Online Retail Trends for Christmas 2016 and How Can I Incorporate Them Into My Seasonal PPC?


Black Friday

Black Friday is November 25th this year, and experts predict it will be the first ever £5 billion online shopping week! Last year many retailers prepared themselves for busy in-store footfall by bringing in more staff, but in fact, the majority of Black Friday sales were conducted online. Ensure you have the resource to deal with online customer fulfilment and contact over busy dates like Black Friday.

How to make the most of this trend using PPC? It is likely that users will be doing research before Black Friday so tailor your ad copy for this research stage. Bids are going to be high around this time so be sure to use the keywords that are going to be most likely to lead to conversions.

Order Value is Likely to Grow

Average order value is likely to get even bigger this year as people spend more each festive season, particularly via mobile. Traditionally the largest sales were always on desktop, but this trend seems to be shifting as mobile becomes the primary device.

How to make the most of this trend using PPC: Think about adding value to tempt people to spend just that little bit more. Feature special offers such as “Buy this, get that half price.”

It’s Getting Personal

The importance of knowing your audience personas and clever targeting is reiterated, and rightly so, when it comes to most forms of marketing. However, the idea of ‘personal-commerce’ and customer focused retail models is growing both off and online. So knowing your audience personas and what your target market want is more important than ever in a crowded online space.

How to make the most of this trend using PPC: This is where a retargeting campaign can really pay off. Also, think about geotargeting with localised ads.

Focus on Delivery

With the boom of Amazon Prime and other convenience led online services consumers are expecting quicker delivery of their products, when and where it suits them. Organisations are also utilising crowdsourcing and freelance workforces to make it easier and cheaper to offer faster delivery.

How to make the most of this trend using PPC: Tailor ads for those searching terms such as “your keyword + free delivery” or “your keyword + next day dispatch.”

sesonal ppc

Tips for Delivering a Killer Christmas Adwords Campaign


  • Timing is everything: Your ads need to be running at the most relevant times. The run-up to Black Friday, Christmas, Boxing Day, etc. Consider the research period and each stage of the buying process.
  • Continue to test: Create variations and tweak and test to see what people tend to prefer. It is only with continual testing that you will be able to improve your performance based on current trends and consumer habits.
  • Be prepared to spend: Even if you have been ranking highly throughout the year, don’t take this for granted. Your competitors are likely to up their spend over the festive period, so competition is at its most fierce. Stay ahead of the game and take advantage of this busy time by ensuring you have budget allocated for your Christmas Adwords campaign in the final quarter.
  • Use Google Shopping: It can be a little tricky setting up a shopping campaign if you are new to it, but it is likely to play a significant role in online shopping this Christmas. If you are already using it, make sure you get the most out of shopping retargeting this year!
  • Don’t Forget Social Media: Be sure to utilise the right social media channels this Christmas as part of your seasonal PPC strategy. Boosting, sponsoring and creating ads on your chosen channels offers one of the best ways to incorporate engaging and festive images or videos.
  • Deck Out Your Landing Pages: Ensure your landing pages are in line with your Ad’s CTAs. Make them tempting, festive, exclusive and easy to use!

It is important to remember digital also has a growing effect on offline sales too, as the path to purchase involves more online browsing and pre-purchase research. Generally, the same rules apply when running seasonal PPC as they do all year round, but quantity, traffic, spend and time are all intensified so planning, testing and analysing are key to success.

If we have given you some inspiration to up your PPC game this year or create a Christmas Adwords campaign, we would be delighted to talk you through the options for implementing some of these suggestions and work with you to create a tailored campaign for your business. Contact us for a chat or drop us an email and discover how ROAR Digital Marketing could help boost your online sales and grow your traffic through expert PPC management.


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