3rd September 2019

Do you understand the difference between Keywords and Search Terms?

Keywords are words or a phrase that you can target within Google Ads.

However, when most people go to search for something on Google, most of the time they won’t just type in just the keyword that you’re bidding on.

Instead, most searches people carry out our say are “long tail” – they’re a long sentence or question that may happen to contain one of the keywords you are bidding on.

E.g., you might be bidding on “financial advisor” for your business.

That would be an excellent keyword to bid on since you offer financial advice, right?

However, what if someone typed in:

“how do I report bad financial advisor” or “financial advisor jobs.”

Both these searches contain your keyword, but the user is not looking for your services right now – get it?

Before setting up campaigns or while your campaigns are running, you can research irrelevant keywords and add them to a negative keyword list.

To add negative keywords just go > Keywords > Negative keywords > and begin making your list.

A screenshot of Google Ads

These negative keywords will tell the Google gods which searches you definitely don’t want to show up for.

Your negative keyword list will also help improve ad relevancy scores, helping to improve your PPC success further.

This should save you and your business a lot of money before you even start your campaigns, and hopefully stop your campaigns floating around the Google abyss aimlessly spending money on non-relevant visitors.

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