12th September 2019

New website and brand refresh for ROAR digital marketing. We’re investing in our own digital marketing, as we get set to smash the competition and take more than the lion’s share!


Hear us ROAR!

Here at ROAR digital marketing, we’ve decided to put our money where our mouth is by investing in our own digital marketing and brand.

You may have noticed that we’ve undergone a marketing makeover recently. Our brand has had a design refresh and we’ve also launched a stunning new website (Yes we’re proud of it). Both feature a unique, striking design, with bold colours.

The reason for this change? We’re always helping our clients to grow and make a big impact, we felt it was about time that we did too!

In addition to the new, bolder design, the website has undergone a complete overhaul, SEO and mobile optimised, easy to use, useful content, and memorable!

Why now? We’ve evolved since our launch in 2015. We’re a Google certified partner, delivering results for top brands and competing against the premier agencies in the North of England. We wanted our brand and website to reflect this, while ensuring that our true skillset and bold approach was showcased.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, it’s important to us that our new branding and website represents how a marketing journey should be – connected and joined up, with multiple touchpoints and triggers.

We’re always telling our clients that their website is one of the key drivers in helping them attract great clients and talent to their teams. We decided to put our money where our mouth is too!

We pride ourselves on delivering honest, straight-talking advice to all our clients, and so we also needed our messaging and USP to be clearer – with all our services flowing into one another. A lot of work has gone on behind the scenes to make sure our new marketing better reflects our agencies full digital marketing service offering, as well as our high standards of quality and delivery.

Quite simply, ROAR creates Real Opportunities and delivers Actual Results – and we want this to come across as soon as you land on our website.
Our Managing Director, Michael Knowles, told us why now is the time he wants the world to hear us ROAR!

Michael Knowles MD at ROAR Digital Marketing

‘We’re in our fourth year, and we’re ready to really attack the opposition and take on even more top North businesses and brands.

‘ROAR have always been bold in our approach, and now we’re gearing up for a big opportunity of our own. The coming months will be a massive period of growth for us – we’re looking to take on new clients while attracting more of the north east’s top marketing talent to our team.’
‘This is a huge moment, both for the business and me personally. We’ve worked hard to get ROAR to where it is today and have grown with our clients. It’s awesome to be able to reinvest in the business. ‘I love the new branding and website and want to thank Urban River for their hard work on delivering our new branding. We’ve gone bolder with our design and the messaging is clearer. This will help us to better display ROAR’s offering in a sharp, punchy, more engaging way.’
‘I felt the time was right for a full brand refresh, given our current client base, and the fact we’re already successfully competing with the big guns in the northeast. With our new marketing now in place, we’re ready to take things to the next level and gain momentum.’

That all sounds ROAR-some Michael!

With further growth plans already afoot – you’ll hear us ROAR!