7th November 2019

What to avoid when choosing a digital agency.

We like to think that we’re good at what we do at ROAR Digital Marketing. With years of experience under our belts and a client portfolio that demonstrates how our digital marketing services can make a genuine difference, we know our industry inside out and back to front. But in 2019 it is clearer than ever before that expertise is only part of the puzzle; successful, long-term relationships are built on more than this.


What to avoid when choosing a digital agency: why long-term relationships are built on understanding analytics and good communication

All too often we hear businesses citing problems with transparency and trust as the reason for a breakdown in their relationship with their marketing agency providing their digital marketing services – or any supplier for that matter. It may sound a little cliché to say it, but good communication is at the foundation of every successful partnership.

In place of clear correspondence, correct and transparent reporting and proper client service, there are a number of bad habits that some marketing agencies unfortunately exhibit; traits that we feel should be exposed and avoided at all costs. Here are some that you might be familiar with . . .

Hiding behind marketing fluff

Leading digital marketing agencies may appear to be the biggest and the best, but upon working with these providers it’s all too common for clients to face issues relating to trust and transparency. This is because some agencies hide behind jargon and eye-catching reporting, making campaigns and projects that are far from perfect appear flawless on paper.

By purposely using marketing fluff and pretty charts to make campaign results appear unclear and difficult to understand, the essential points can be left hidden. This ultimately prevents an agency from getting better results for its clients.

Being selective with data

Another issue to be aware of is the practice of omission within monthly reports. Any digital service provider you work with should enable you to have total visibility and a clear understanding of results achieved, whether or not they have gone exactly as planned.

At ROAR we always encourage our clients to challenge us and help them understand what data they should be assessing, rather than drawing their attention to the numbers that just sound best. And it’s just as important to have regular discussions about what hasn’t worked so that positive changes can be implemented.

While we like to think that we are pretty good at what we do, it’s important to acknowledge that all the numbers can’t be heading in the right direction at all times.


Any digital marketing agency worth its salt should recommend regular catch-ups with clients be it by phone, Google Hangout, or face-to-face, providing a time for questions to be asked and plans discussed. These meetings encourage transparency and show how proactive an agency is, with honest conversation enabling a client to understand strategies and gain a real insight into results.

We love the opportunity to spend time with clients because it so often sparks conversations that aren’t planned but add significant value. Agencies that avoid meetings and make themselves unavailable for discussion can’t hope to share long-term success with their clients.

The solution: developing relationships built on trust

When looking to work with a new digital services provider, of course, it’s important to learn about how they can supercharge your brand’s message and bring you positive results, but it’s also important to ensure that they deliver on these promises and aren’t going to hide any setbacks along the way. A good digital marketer should educate clients when sharing results, helping them to understand strategies and equipping them with the tools they need to recognise when projects are going well or have run into problems.

Our experience in delivering digital marketing services has taught us that best practice for agencies is to build strong, honest and positive business relationships with clients. This, in turn, encourages greater success, with businesses benefitting from great results and agencies enjoying long-standing contracts with loyal clients.

Not had great experiences with digital marketing agencies in the past? How about a coffee and an honest chat about your needs; rather than a hard sell about our services?

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