3 Social Media no – no’s for business!


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The world of social media is changing every day and it’s important to stay updated. Social media has risen to be a complex, dynamic system and everyone is fighting for attention and engagement. Whether it’s viral campaigns, celebrity endorsements or a setup scandal. It is a force that can seriously alter your business.

It is hard to write a formula for social media success however, there are a few things you should avoid.


Our 3 Top Tips

  1. Don’t pick a fight or fight back – we have seen a few campaigns off late where brands have tweeted out to each other to leverage an incident. Now, this is a smart way to syphon some attention however, the repercussions can have disastrous affects to your brand. Remember, you’re only there for your customers and not for yourself.


  1. SELL!? SELL!? SELL!? Hell no! – Social media is about sharing and conversation. Today, consumers are well informed with infinite amounts of information at their finger tips. No one likes a pusher, instead give your audience interesting facts and advice, and start conversations with them.


  1. Don’t be a spammy – Posting ten times a day is not going to give you any added visibility. In fact, social media platforms tend to charge customers more per click or view if you are posting too many times. This is to discourage spamming posts that will annoy your target audience. I recommend posting 2-5 times a day max!

Remember that this is a process that takes time and consistency. Keep your target audience in mind first, and then work backwards. Avoid these common mistakes and you’re sure to see rewards.


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